Weddings held at the Highveld Cape is reminiscent of traditional experiences from a bygone era. The setting is largely Cape Dutch with all the essential amenities apart but in close proximity to give an airy feeling of space and serenity amid the activity of preparations vows and festivity. Despite décor being part of the build the venue also allow the “occasion” to be very effectively adapted to more modernistic atmospheres.

Variations on the base décor makes for individualistic tastes to be satisfied. It is a complete location with a church, hall, restaurant and accommodation nestled in a quiet natural forested environment. The Highveld Cape management has a variation of wedding packages tailored for your individual needs. The website should provide most of the answers but an appointment and a walk round will provide the final affirmation of the atmosphere.Further information can be obtained from the Hightveld Cape Inn. Viewings can be arraged by appointment.

Wedding pic