Although only a stone’s throw from the popular malls of Pretoria East, the Highveld Cape Inn is a quiet beautiful sanctuary in the Tiegerpoort valley. Part of the Bronberg Nature Protectorate, the Highveld Cape Inn lends its name from the Highveld plateau with its excellent all year round weather, and the Old Dutch design style of the wineries of the Western Cape. It’s easy to find, as it is on Garsfontein Road. On entering the gates and find yourself isolated in the serene picturesque tree populated paradise with the vibration of the city forgotten despite its close proximity. The old Homestead dates from 1946 and original borehole still supplies an exquisite water as it has done since establishment. Rebuild and expanded from a derelict forgotten patch of land, rich in vegetation and water, the Proprietors Kinna and Angelo Maranta painstakingly control the vegetation in order to systematically restore the original indigenous habitat in order to create a more water and birdlife rich environment for the fauna and fauna that flee the spreading city.


The Maranta family have presided over the property since 1987. The “plot” turned paradise is a result of a labour of the Maranta family. Through the years father Angelo, mother Christina Helena(Rhoodie), daughter Sandra, son Angelo, son Fernando, grandfather Angelo, grandmother, Geertruida Johanna lived a day by day existence slowly labouring to change the environs into what is seen today. This home turned venue is built using resources and ideas of days gone by. Restored, modified and molded, the materials of which the venue and its furnishings are decorated, originate from eras that boast of grander origins. But, lovingly collected, build, restored and decorated by Angelo Kinna and kids, the Highveld Cape today provides a beautiful setting for the city dweller to find solace for the duration of their visit. The Highveld Cape has morphed into a unique wedding and function setting, providing accommodation, catering and bar utilities. The Highveld Cape as it is affectionately known provides in essence, 2 services. It is a wedding, conference venue with a very unique feel and style with accompanying accommodation in an old tradition, but also just an accommodation venue for overnight stays.

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