The reception hall lies a very short stroll from the Church by a paved lighted avenue keeping the experience of the service alive. The atmosphere of the hall is an extension of that “experience” in the church. Entrance is through a large barn door made African Walnut framed in rusted iron. The building, built in 2012 is a gabled affair staying with the Cape Dutch style. Inherent interior decoration is striking which and negates draping as a cover for effect. The tables are 10 seaters with ample space for decorations and edibles in the center and elbow room for the neighbor. Tables are made of many differing types of solid polished wood with finish that is décor in itself. These can be arranged to the hearts delight of the Bride or conference as hall space is ample. The bridal couple and entourage are catered for on a slightly raised stage with a long narrow Cherrywood table. Lighting can be adjusted to suit all tastes although main lighting is from dimmable chandeliers suspended from the high roof. The hall sports a beautiful bar with multi wooded counter and is integral to the hall to keep the cozy atmosphere of the occasion.

Décor is authentic and restored items by Kinna and Angelo dating from times gone by.

Wifi and the internet allows for conferencing or visual communication of wedding functions to loved ones around the world. A high definition projector and big screen television provides for the image relay. The system is also ideal for presentations or conduction of photo/video memories during functions. A microphone system enables audible transmission, during speech times.

The dance floor is integrated into the scene with floor lighting providing a secluded and exciting atmosphere next to a tree that is included in the design of the building. Music can be selectively tuned to the Bridal couples’ wishes.

There is an outside garden with a London Lamp as focus point to illuminate late night “incontrares”. Cast iron green furniture is ample and the link to the hall is by large stack doors making all parts of the wedding venue common despite separation.

HVC Hall img