Rules and Regulations


For information only:

  • CHECK-IN between 13h00 to 18h00
  • CHECK-OUT before 10h30
  • Breakfast - between 08h00-10h30 at the restaurant
  • No smoking in the cottages. Outdoor seating an ashtrays are provided
  • Please dispose of cigarette butts in dustbins/ashtrays
  • Do not start open fires or discard live cigarettes in vegetation
  • No individual parties and loud music permitted at cottage.
  • Adults to accompany children when leaving the cottage perimeter
  • Swimming pool available. No glassware at swimming pool area. Children to be accompanied at all times
  • No outside visitors allowed at the cottages. Vistors are welcome at the restaurant
  • Electric fence is active – don’t touch
  • Camera’s on premises are for your protection

Take care of our environment and use electrical and water resources sparingly

Special arrangements for late check-in/out, breakfasts, and individual parties can be made with the management.