Catering in the hall: The catering is integral to the hall but subtly separated by folding partition of heavily tinted glass. The catering staff only need open the partition by time of serving and the disturbance level is negligibly during preparation. Food is served within 5 meters of the Bridal table. A side lounge with very large fireplace serves for the comfort of the older persons and is placed very close to the coffee corner.

Catering preparation can be via personal Client choice of caterer, or an in house caterer. Despite the Client choosing a specific caterer, the Highveld Cape will be the contracting party with the nominated caterer. Whether prepared off or on premises, the catering activity is isolated from the guests. The link from kitchen to hall is inconspicuous as the kitchen and hall are cleverly linked.


Rented in:

If the Wedding Client has a preferred caterer, and a preferred menu, this can be accommodated. The Highveld Cape Inn management would contract this caterer as there is an overlap of use of the facilities, personnel and equipment. The cost and menu would be discussed with this caterer as well as the proceedings and management infringement details.

HVC provided:

The in house Chef will provide a set menu with choices. The management can accommodate menu changes within reason and execute these to the satisfaction of the Client

Leftover food:

No leftover food from any caterer will distributed to anyone. Food will be discarded once the kitchen is closed.